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2 New CD`s by Lollo 
A cd  inspired by the Documentary  'Lollo`s  Journey'
Musicans; Lollo Meier (solo guitar)  Andre Donni (clarinet/saxophone), Boeboe Grunholz (rhythm Guitar) , Henry Schuler (Double Bass)  Bart Keltjens (drum) , Ivo Van de Bijl (vocals) and Coen van Dam (Piano)  

Lollo Meier  (Solo guitar) , Fapy Lafertin (solo Guitar), Bram van Es ( rhythm guitar)  Henry Schuler (double Bass) 
Lollo Meier and Fapy lafertin have joined together on this new album. The album contains a mix of their own compositions and tratitional melodies. They create wonderfull musical moments in the spirit of Django Reinhardt. 

order now :    info@gypsymusic.nl 

 DVD Chemin de Django !  
An outstanding DVD for all lovers of Gypsy Jazz and the music of Django Reinhardt featuring stunning performances by Lollo Meier, Fapy Lafertin, Stochelo Rosenberg, Hank Marvin, Tcha Limberger and many more.   Info and free samples lechemindedjango.com  

Documentary about Lollo Meier  'Lollo`s Journey'
Dutch filmmaker Daan Milius has been working on a documentary about Lollo for almost a year now. The film covers Lollo's daily life with his family in a dutch trailerpark and last summers journey with horse and carriage from the Belgian village where Django was born to his grave in Samois
Première 20th March 2012

The first online 
gypsy jazz academy is open now !! 
online lessons from Lollo     
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